"I really appreciate that you helped him grow in more than one dimension.  I will always remember the patience and perseverance you exhibited when working with my son.  In addition, I will always have a fondness and deep sense of gratitude that my son was able to experience such loving, giving, and thoughtful educator.  Again, thank you for being instrumental in the progress of my son." 
-Stephanie Potter 
parent of a former student

“"I have known Heather as a coworker, friend, and colleague.  In each relationship she stands out as a leader and representative of everything that is good about education.  Whether it’s the care and concern she demonstrates for her students or the encouragement and support she offers other teachers, Heather makes it her mission to spread a love of literacy to those around her.  As a board member and former President of her local reading council, Heather expanded her mission and vision for literacy to the city of Chesapeake.  This blog/website is a great platform for others to benefit from Heather’s insight and talent.  Enjoy!!!"”
-Kristin Garman
Carver Intermediate School
Chesapeake Reading Council, President Elect 2016-17

"While dating my now husband I introduced him to my co-worker, Heather. He walked away from that encounter and told me he trusts very few people in life but felt he could trust Heather with anything and she would be sure to do the right thing. He said she is one of the few truly genuine, passionate, unselfish people in the world. His initial instinctual personality assessment is spot on. Her co-workers, students, student family members and her friends and family would unanimously agree." 
-Carrie Miller, Dental Hygienist

"Heather Waild is someone that I have looked up to since my first year of teaching. She was someone who was always willing to help me as a new teacher, whether that meant easing my mind about things that happened in my classroom and at our school, or by giving me new ideas to use in my classroom. Heather was someone I respected immediately! I am impressed everyday with her ability to take something simple and turn it into something amazing. She is one of the hardest working people that I know!" 
-Kristen Roth
Portlock Primary (Reading Teacher of the Year 2015-16) 
Chesapeake Reading Council, Vice President 2015-16

"Thank you for a wonderful presentation at the VSRA conference this past week!  I got so many great ideas from your session, and am looking forward to trying out some of your strategies in my classroom!"
-2016 Presentation Attendee

"Thank you so much for presenting such wonderful information at VSRA!  I really enjoyed it!I am going to present some information to my faculty soon and would like to share some of your ideas."
-2016 Presentation Attendee  



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